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The music you gave me was not the type of music i usually listen to. Friday night in san francisco…. it was only intruments??right? I have never heard it before. Asa and Sade. I liked Sade more. Some of sade’s songs i liked actually. they were calm and nice. so i guess hmm.. that sade is from the new generation, so from 21th century and Asa i really didnt like.. tried to listen and enjoy but couldnt really. Asa is then from 20th century. Am I right?
My parents mostly listened to michael jackson modern talking during my childhood i remember, and persian music.dont hitnk they listened to friday night in san francisco.:)

Thank you for the music. you did not have to do this.

yees, football is not so fun. only if there is someone you want to win! then you can watch the game when that country is playing.. otherwise it is not so fun.

see you

/Mrs. F.