Mehran Barati, exiled Iranian opposition leader made this very personal comment about the 1986 Tschernobyl accident, and how it was anticipated in Tehran. Mr. Barati, a political analyst who lives and works in Germany, left Iran in 1960 after getting into conflict with the Shah regime which took over power after the coup d’etat against the Mossadegh gouvernment.
The statement below about the radiation-hysteria after the 1986 nuclear disaster in Ukraine, which also caused great nervousness in Iran shows that he has a very rational view on a subject that others comment with irrationalism.
Mehran Barati also happend to be father-in-law to the former German minister for external affairs, Joshka Fischer: 2005 Fischer married Mehran Baratis daughter Minu. Barati is a couple of years older than Fischer, but his political ideas and comments seem to be much fresher and original than those of his son-in-law.
This is a perfect evidence that a creative, inspiring mentality is not necessarily associated with younger age. It has to do with experience, education and personality. And here, Barati is apparently superior to the former gouvernment clerk Fischer.