Perhaps the highest concentration of horse related activities in Germany can be found in the two villages of Daglfing and Riem, which both are today part of Munich. When we moved here 6 years ago we found a house that once was owned of Charly Seiffert, a famous jokey and horse trainer.  Some of the wooden beams in our bicycle shed still preserve the marks of horse teeths, obviously serving them decades ago as a toy to test there bite strength. In the village around there are still several blacksmith doing the horseshoes, horse ranches, riding schools, some workshops which manufacture and repair sulkies and coaches and a factory that produces world famouse leather saddles which rank in termes of reputation in the same league as the famous Hermes company.

There is a large horse farm that teaches professional show jumping and dressage riding next to the stalls where the Munich police horses are stabled. Most popular attention, of course attract the three big stadions, or hippodromes – one for harness racing, one for galopp horse racing and a third one for show jumping. Since summer this year even a Polo club moved to this large campus.

I like very much to go to the races, to lose some money and enjoy the thrill and the beautiful horses. In particular, I like to go over there after work when they once a month have the late evening race.

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