The sun shines through our new glass roof, trough which I can see the trees of our large garden. There are horses outside, and our dog lays on the lawn.
I have a good family, a loving, entertaining wife and a well doing son.
I am a good scientist, better than the rest 90% of my colleagues.
I am an amazing generator of new ideas. People around appreciate my innovative potential and my skills at a professor.
I get many applications from people all over the world who wants to work with me, than I can accept.
I am 53 years, and the genes and epigenetic program I got from my parents make me healthy and strong like a 35 year old.
I know I should wear glasses for reading, but I can live with this. It does not interfere too much with my guitar playing.
And when I come very close to my Persian girl, who is 20 years my junior and loves me wild and passionate as I love here, vision does not matter any more at all. We rely on our lips, our hands, our olfactory senses.

I think if there is any god, he perhaps missed out how incredible happy I became. I am sure, as soon as HE reads this blog post, HE will wake up and punish me badly.