Calculating our chances to get one of the really cool girls at high-school or university, it was commons sense that playing guitar (or at least carrying your boobks and sandwiches around in a guitar case) would be the method of choice. I don’t really know if it worked, but I spend quite some portion of my life learning and playing the instrument, till the point that I started to enjoyed it itself, whithout thinking of attracting girls with it.

And in general there is a mutual exclusive preference for guys who play guitar, and guys who like the army. If you go into the sound world of guitars, be it acustic or electric ones, any thought to spend your life time in a barack or on a maneuvres field or on battle ground, is simple inbearable.  Not just that this is a waste of time, but your fingers a much too precious to risk them in silly war games (thats why military bands prefer brass music, since you can play it with one arm amputated).

So it was pretty common sense, that joining the army is not just a silly move, but also diminishes the chances to gain a pretty girls interest.

So the girls (as long as they are girls) were always after the rebells, the guitarist, the hobos and the tramps.  Men with the power instinct they would ony consider if this power would serve a kind of underground or dissident aim, such as Che Guevara or Eddy Snowden.

But now, in 2015, the unthinkable was discovered:  A thrustworthy study by unbiased scienstist (from universities in Giessen, Amsterdam and Southhampon) discovered, that the girls suddenly prefer decorated war heroes (!!!!!). What the hell happened in the last 30 years ??? After decades of stupid military expeditions in the middle east, after a whole era of womans empowerment, after thousands of gulf war veterans suffering from PTSD and broken families, psychological tests show that a “war heroe” decorated with a silly medail of murder is what the girls can not resist ?

I start to believe that all the idiots who join the holy Dschihad (and hopefully die therein) only do it to please some girls.