We spend one day at Lake Constance. In this case, the frequently mis-translated German “-see” (as in “Bodensee”) for the English “-sea” is less clear. Under a certain sun light and from a certain position, this lake indeed could be mistaken as a sea. At least when looking to the horizon, one can not see the opposite shore. And there can be dramatic waves and several people drowning every year after sailing accidents.Bodensee

One of the islands (Mainau) in Lake Constance is perhaps the only spot in Germany with sub-tropical climate, where palm-trees and bananas grow.Bodensee1In the most north-eastern corner of Lake Constance, Bavaria still has a stronghold. The town of Lindau and about 5 miles of the lakeside around it gives Bavaria access to a harbour and some beaches.

Michel de Montaigne once spend some times there, when he was travelling.

Bodensee2In his travel records through southern Germany he described the local population of Lindau as

“…they tell you almost with their first words what they charge, and you do not gain much by haggling. They are vainglorious, choleric, and heavy drinkers, but they are neither traitors nor thieves”.

He has not mentioned the parking meter maids, who guarantee a steady income to the municipality. Parking fees are horrible for those who come from outside to spend a day at the lakeside, and if you arer over-due with your ticket, they charge you a fine without mercy.

Montaigne also praised the local cousine, in particular the Sauerkraut. He preferred to eat in local restaurants rather than asking his own (French) maitre to cook for him. He also widely discussed the peaceful co-existence of a catholic and a protestant parish.