Here is something I promise to myself and to the public shy readers of my blog: I will slightly but steadily increase the frequency of posts (not neccesarily its length). Sure, everyone keeping a blog would like to do this, but sometimes procrastination is not only a subject to write about, but it is problem we are are facing ourself.

So I thought the following: I have a list of the number of posts that I wrote each month in 2015.

These were in total 59 post from January to December 2015. I would be really happy not going down with my annual number of posts, since statistical analysis has clearly shown that this will sooner or later lead to a complete clinical death of a blog (with no indication of recovery). But instead of letting things going uncontrolled during most of the new  year, maybe only to switch into panic mode in November or December and rushing to pimp up the record shortly before New Years Eve dead line, I will be more consistent. So I will try to increase the blog output every month by one more post than in the same month of last year.

Therefore my goal would be a monthly score sheet for 2016 that looks like this:

I think I might achieve this goal, if I write more posts such as the current one, which only deals with internal issues.