It is Sunday morning, and as every other day I just passed along this little church, while doing the walk out with our dog. the church opens its doors only during these 2 hours on Sunday, waiting for the faithful people from the village around to attend the catholic service. They use to “fulfill” their christian duty, by gathering there, listening to a speach by the priest (who, as much as I understand, is from India) and singing songs that always sound to me like at a funeral.

At least they never tried to baptize me, when I say “Hello” to them after they leave the church and still hang around for a while to discuss privat issues.  I think they know quite well that I have a fundamentaly different view on religion. If they keep it for their own privat wellbeing, it is perhaps better than drinking booze or taking crystal meth. But if anybody tries to bring religion out of the church, into political life, thereby spoiling the public media and undermining democracy, I might really get angry a lot. We can see in Poland, Pakistan or recently in Gambia what is the result of this .

Sounds as if most people are only concerned about two problems in life: their professional career (in a field that remains unclear to the reader) and family obligations (that seem to be more a burden than a pleasure). Is it religion that tries to make people believe that the reward for all this comes only after death ? This is the reason why societies where religion (islam, hindi, christianity) dominates politics and social life are all suffering from cultural and economic stagnation. And the people, deep inside, stay unhappy, since religion is (as Marx said very wisely) nothing more than Opium for the people. Some preachers can offer transcental relief from the daily life challenges. But after a while (like after a narcotic rush) people wake up again, and have this “cold turkeyâ€? because nothing in reality has changed their life. It is more likely, that during the time they spent listening to their religious leaders, the problems of their real life even get worse.
In particular, the religious leaders and their books like to keep the people in complete unfreedom, because that way they can dominate their lifes. The imams and the priests should better let the people live their own lifes, and don’t tell them what to do and what to leave. If they want to serve mankind, they should go in hospitals fore the poor and in refugee camps, there they can work preparing meal or distributing the bed linnens.