Since yesterday they only talk about one “man with a hat”, a criminal and stupid who was involved in the Bataclan mass murder in Paris 2015 and in the recent bomb attacks in Brussels. Mohamed Abrini, a 30 year old son of Maroccan parents was catched yesterday by a Belgian special forces squad. That such a scourge for mankind can live for so long and do its evil work, instead of biting the dust right after birth is another clear evidence for me that there is no benevolent god. He should have stoped already the parents of this islamist gangster from having any children, maybe by letting them drown in the mediterranean sea during their immigration from Marocco.

While thinking about this neglectance of a supposed devine will made me just angry, another case of a “Man with a Hat” made me very very sad . If one could measure and gradually compare the degrees of emotional affection I would even say that the second case hit me deeper and will probably also leave a longer lasting sadness.

Roger Cicero - "In diesem Moment": Keine Angst vor gar nichts. Roger Cicero ist mit "In diesem Moment" zurück. (Quelle: Mathias Bothor / Warner Music)

It was the sudden death of a great singer, Roger Cicero, who died two weeks ago at the age of 45. I can not say how much the Jazz and Pop music scene had lost with his death, not only in Germany. He was a great talent, he had this rare unique timbre that made each of his performance a devine event. And he was an extremely nice, down-to-earth guy, without any airs and graces. At the moment, I don’t see anybody who could replace him on stage, and as a dad for his son.

If there is any god, it must be a very evil one.  He takes away a wonderful singer, and gives us a brainless murder instead.  For him they are both just “Men with a Hat”.