Tonight at a concert of the Led Zeppelin revival Band “Letz Zep“.
Realy great roaring noize. But the audience sucks. 80% are wearing glasses like retired school teacher. The rest look like fat old buttcher. I am really happy that I only need glasses for reading. Wearing glasses while reading a book makes you look more intelligent. But people wearing glasses at a rock concert look slightly out of place and out of time.






(The Video is from a former concert in Funchal/Madeira)

For a moment or even for three hours, however, I could ignore the audience, since Letz Zep brought us the opportunity to enjoy a concert highly recommended, especially for those who, because of our young age, we have not had the opportunity to enjoy a true direct LED ZEPPELIN . With Billy Kulke (voice) at the head of the group, Andy Gray (guitars), Simon Jeffrey (drums) and Shaun Herd (bass, keyboards, mandolin and bass), or I should say rather ” Mr. Guapo “” Don Simon “and” The Bachelor gold “respectively, was as Billy introduced us to the rest of the band, took us through two – hour concert, the 70s and that is, as you said himself Robert Plant, if you closed your eyes and dedicabas to listen carefully, was like listening to the true LED ZEPPELIN. Around two hundred people in front of the stage could enjoy a concert, no doubt, he left a great taste mouth full of good music, which began at about 22:10, becoming wait for over an hour as the doors opened at 21:00, but made a strong start with “good Times Bad Times” followed of “Hearbreaker.” there was time for everything during the concert, magnificent “solos” of guitar by Andy Gray, both with electric guitar life as classical guitar double neck that used the own Jimmy Page , “only “battery hand, and in a very literal sense, because it uses his own hands to finish, of Simon Jeffrey, and changes of instruments by Shaun Herd, who, during the concert, alternating with great handling, electric bass , keyboard, electric mandolin and even an electric bass most peculiar sounding sea of overwhelming. with songs ” Misty Mountain Hop”, “Kashmir” or ” Whole Lotta Love” managed to get the audience danced, chanted and even vibrated with the most popular songs and English mythical, with ” Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” they took their most “country” and fun and, of course , there was also room for longer as classic ballads we’ve all danced, sung and know as well as ” since I’ve Been loving You,” “Babe i’m gonna leave you” and ” Stairway to Heaven” . the latter reminded me a personal story of long ago, back when I was 93 just 10 years old, my first original CD was ” Remasters” of LED ZEPPELIN, which still keep with great affection, I would give my father after having heard endlessly touching and hum songs by LED ZEPPELIN and SCORPIONS (among others ) and after giving the “beating” for months with hint of “papa that music I like , ” what was my surprise when I got home one afternoon school was my father on the couch listening to the CD and I remember the excitement I felt that I had bought that music for me. Following chronic and leaving behind old memories, in the “encores” sounded two songs ” Rock and roll” and ” Immigrant Song”, the latter one of my favorite of LED ZEPPELIN which sounded really spectacular. And so the group Santander bid farewell with a brilliant performance. Letz Zep showed why they are the best tribute band of one of the most iconic bands of the rock scene of the 70s, and that is, more than 30 years after the disintegration of the band that pay tribute and after having listened for two hours, we can say and say it was a great concert and John Bonham, wherever you are, be proud, because LED ZEPPELIN still alive.