It would be pathetic to blame all the human catastrophies that fill the daily news since last month for a writing blockade. Don’t know if we just became more sensitive to all the little horrors (shooting in the Orlando night club, UK voting to exit EU, islamist mass murder in Nice, knife stabbing attac in German commuters train by a Pakistani teenage islamist etc etc), or if the life a few years ago was really more peaceful.

But at least, it should not be the excuse for myself to avoid writing a review article on stem cells, radiation and risk of malignancies that I promissed a journal editor already for last month. Shame on me, who always like to break walls (in old house or walls that separate countries) and is helpless to break down this writing blockade within myself. It seems that it is easier to break a wall that is made of stone than to break one that has a jelly like consistency.

Up to now, I already had regular excuses why to postpone the submission of the manuscript. First I had to do a lot of teaching and course organisation, than my office was struck by a desaster that turn my desk into complete chaos. But now, all these excuses are exploited, and there are hopefully no additional ones in sight.

I can only blame myself if I don’t manage to finish this paper in a few days.