What I really hate about Donald Trump are not his intellectual deficiancies (I am surrounded every day by people of whom 90% are perhaps not much brighter than him), but it is his talent to dominate the media. This weeks issue of the New Yorker lists 3 out of its 5 most popular articles dealing with Trump. No. 4 in the list is an article about Hillary, and the fifth one is about the Olympics in Rio.

New Yorker and Trump

It’s a shame that such political spam dominates the media like a pest. And the audience likes it, since other wise it could never receive such high popularity ranks. And since we all know that even media with an intellectual commitment have to decline to their (paying) audience preferences, political spam will get more and more space. It is sad that other articles, such as the wunderful “Cover Story” by Elif Batuman receives much less attention.