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I rcently asked a pen-friend, Mrs. F., about the possibilities to go swimming in the Caspian Sea, when I visit her country soon. And I wanted to know which kind of swimming suit to take with me. Who knows, maybe in an islamic country I should dress at the beach as my grandparents did 1921 in Berlin.


But Mrs. F., who is a brave photographer in Iran, could quickly ease my concern by sending a photo which indicates that at least men can go topless to the beaches there. That’s great, since I hate muscle shirts as my granddad was obliged to wear a century ago. But here you can see:  Iran is a modern country. Men can show all their pride, including a well fed dad-bod.  BAywatch2

The two people in the background are members of the Caspian Sea baywatch team, well dressed in their new high-tech diving suits (made from graphene-fabrics). When I visit Iran next year and maybe being thrown over by a big wave I’m seeing forward to be  rescued by one of these very vigilant ladies.

I will, however , wear a more stylish leg-wear than this well-build man on the photo above. It is said that the salty water of the Caspian Sea is the best to shrink linen jeans skin tight.