I don’t know if there is a term “Read-Proof” in english, not “Proof Reading”, rather in the sense of “Read-protected”. I recognized that more and more blogs become open to registered readers only. So what once was assumed to build a large blogosphere of people around the world sharing their thoughts and opinions and stories with everybody now disintegrates more and more into small communities that only talk within closed fences. This must have its origin from the fear of telling to much of oneself to to many strangers. So blogs become fenced communities, perhaps made up of close friends and relatives only. I’m afraid that this will lead to even less open and free speach, but readers respond to posts (of their friends and close relatives) in a superficial and promoting manner.

I recognized this sudden change at blogs like High-on-Words, Eclectic Unconfined, Windmills-of-the-mind, but also A-Room-of-OneOwn. Some of them I followed intensively in the past, enjoyed a lot the high quality of the posts and uniqueness of thoughts and styles. With some I even had a rather frequent and nice conversation about some posts there. I don’t know what is the reason that they suddenly blocked their blogs from the public, since it is virtually impossible to send a privat message to the authors to inquire about their intention or to request a permission as a registered reader.

The more I enjoy some blogs which are public, frequently post news and musings and are happy to share and quickly and thoughtfully respond to replies. In particular I like “The reporter and the Girl“, who is currently on a trip through West-Africa, after she lived for more than a year in London (aka not an “Englishman in New-York”, but “A US-girl in London..” ).