Everything produced by our mind will last much longer that the silly ideas of politicians, such as D.Trump or Teresa May.  Brexit, Russian-White House plots,  that’s all doomed to be forgotten soon.

I recently read a post by another blogger, who could celebrate the 15th anniversary of her blog (she does not even had noticed this).   I think this is much more valuable than what politicians with all their influence, their demonstrated importance and seriousness wants us to believe.  And that’s why I think I also better come back to my blog with some occasional musings. Almost a year I have not written anything, as if nothing important has happened here. But that’s not true.

Today, however, was the only fixed day that I fear every year:  It is the day in the mid of July when the wheat on the fields around the village is harvested. I always develop a strange feeling of sadness, when the golden straw that still yesterday was standing up and shining in the sun lays flat on the ground. The smell of the grains, however, is tantalizing.  But it is perhaps the earliest sign (in the middle of the summer) that the season of warmth and easiness is not endless.


Here is a picture of another field around the village that was full of red poppy.


Recently we have been to Dubrovnik in Croatia. A fine place, its worth going again. With a picturesque landscape around, nice coast forests made of bay-leaf, pine and cypress and a crystal clear sea. Some spots around still carry marks of the bombings from 20 years ago, when Yugoslavia broke apart and Serbia had some battles with Croatia. But the city of Dubrovnik is still a historic jewel.

That’s me and our son.