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I have to admit that my daily exercise is only an irony of the real Ironman competition. Each discipline is shorter than the original one (but not less challenging), and I usually do it day by day before or on my way to work.

I start with a 20 min walk with our dog:

Ironman Walk

followed by a 40 min bicycle ride (12 km)

Ironman Bike

which is interrupted by a 2 min swimming challenge in the Isar channel.

Ironman Swim


There are usually by far not as many spectators as during the Hawai Triathlon. Recently someone wanted to call the river police to rescue me. And this morning a very interesting 75 years old lady involved me in a lengthy talk about the benefits of not living an easy life style. She was very positive, even though during our conversation she disclosed to me that she was born in a concentration camp to jewish parents. Its amazing that despite all those treats to our physical life, there are people who have such an iron will to survive.