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SHE:  You are a liar !!!

HE:    Am I ???

SHE:  Didn’t you tell me yesterday night that I’m the most beautiful girl you have ever seen ? Even though we just came back from the movies, watching “On the Milky Road“, and we both agreed that Monica Belucci is the most enchanting actress these times ?

HE:   So what’s the problem than. Why can’t there be a most beautiful actress in the world, and at the same time another most beautiful girl in the world ? These two categories are simply different from each other.

SHE:  Very simply said:  I am sure that you have seen many other girls before, whom – in case they would all stand in a row next to each other, myself included – some of them you would probably rank higher in terms of physical beauty than me.

HE:   Objectively Yes, but in this very special moment yesterday night I felt intuitively that you would like to hear this compliment “…being the most beautiful…”, didn’t you ?

SHE:  Of course, yesterday night I really liked it, and it perhaps helped you to seduce me so easily. It was a nice phrase – even though a bid conventional – in the right moment. And I was not in the mood to question its substance. But today, objectively, I have to accuse you of being a happy liar.

HE:  But you know, my lies came with a very good intention.  They were said to make you feel good. It is the same that makes you wear lipstick, have your hair given a permanent wave, extend you eye lashes and wearing high heels. And you don’t tell everyone that in fact your lips are not as red, your hair is rather ordinary straight, your eye lashes are thinner and shorter and your legs are by far not as long as they appear with the high heels. So isn’t this also a kind of lie ?

SHE:  Yes, but I know that you like if I “decorate” myself a little bid, at least when we go out. So the same as you did with your charming words, I also do my superficial improvement just to make you happy

HE:  Ha !! Now I got you:  when I saw you for the first time, on this train station when you arrived in Munich for your master project, you were already looking like this. How could you know that I like this superficial decoration a girl is doing.

SHE:  Every girl knows that an ordinary men want to be cheated a little bit by the girl, who is doing some cosmetic work on herself (Even Monicca Belucci is doing some basic beauty cosmetics on herself). So why should I assume that somebody like you, whom I found interesting right from the beginning, is different in this respect ? And isn’t this almost like an agreement between the two of us, or between men and woman in general: That both are lying to each other, and both know about this, and even both expect to be lied on by the other ?

HE:   But when a man is telling lies, doesn’t matter whether shouting it loudly on the street below your window, or with a whispering voice, or even writing it in a letter or in a mail, it is immediately considered a crime and he will be made liable for this. If a girl dresses up, makes her hair look more voluminous and shining, makes her eye lashes longer, her eyebrows fuller, her lips more fruitier and so on, the blame immediately goes on to the man, accusing him of mis-interpreting signals.

SHE:  But these visual signals of a well made up girl don’t address a particular man. Therefore they can not be considered an attempted cheating. They are send as a message to the entire world:  Look at me, am I beautiful ?

HE:  Yes I know, but than you wait for the most courageous man to come forward from the crowd and start again lying on you:  That you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, and that you make his heart melting away, and that he will catch the stars from the sky on your command. And of course the man with the best and the most poetic lies will be your favorite one.  Or what would happen to the poor honest fellow, who tells you in the face that he knows your lips are not as red as they look today, that he has strong doubts about the unnatural combination of your dark eyes and your blond hair (which genetically can not happen), and that he knows that with flip-flops instead of high-heels on you would only reach to his shoulder ?

SHE:  Yes, you’re right, at least with me he would have no chance. Honesty is nice when it comes to equal salaries for woman, but honesty sucks if it is about our physical attributes. You are right, there we want to be lied on. And girls can be best seduced by sweet words, therefore you used to tell me lies, but men can be more easily seduced by physical attributes, and therefore we dress up so carefully.

HE:  So nice, we solved this dispute. Lets lay back and listen to this amazing piece of music I just selected for tonight:  It has both:  Wunderful lyrics (for you) and a really enchanting lady for me (Stephie Nick of Fleetwood Mac):