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Yesterday I went back to the notes from my high school classes on classical literature. Found a lengthy assay (evaluated exceptionally by the teacher) comparing Ovid’s and Homer’s different interpretation of Europa’s kidnapping by Zeus. This ancient mythology (like so many others showing the Greeks superior deity involved in acts of non-consensual sex) gave rise to thousands of paintings, dramas, sculptures, poems.
So obviously, it all would have been blamed today by #meeto for uncritically accepting misuse of male power for the sake of sexually harrasement.


The Rape of Europa by the Italian artist Titian, painted ca. 1560-62 (Isabells Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston)

Cora Stephan, journalist, crime-fiction author and university teacher in a recent article for Publico asked

“… do we really want to live in kinder garden, rather than in a garden of pleasures ?

And Margaret Atwood, novelist, poet, recipient of many the most prestigious literature awards for stories on “women’s social oppression as a result from patriarchal ideology” (Wikipedia) states in her op-ed in Globe And Mail (with references to the hysterical feminist #meetoo campaign)  that

“… Their ideology becomes a religion, anyone who doesn’t puppet their views is seen as an apostate, a heretic or a traitor, and moderates in the middle are annihilated. Fiction writers are particularly suspect because they write about human beings, and people are morally ambiguous. The aim of ideology is to eliminate ambiguity.


An apology submitted after editorial deadline:

“…But let me address the stories told to the media by four brave women named Leda, Io, Europa, and Danaë, who felt able to name themselves, if not those accusations leveled by Leto, Demeter, Thetis, Mnemosyne, and the hundreds of others who preferred to remain anonymous—smart women and good lays all, for whom I have nothing but the utmost respect. As for Ganymede, he will confirm that I have already made him whole for his “cup-bearing.” We remain friendly.

I owe a special apology to Europa, you who so innocently encouraged your young friends to mount my broad, chestnut-bright back, touching in gentle wonder my horns like the crescent moon, breathing in the flowery fragrance of my magic dander as I licked your nut-brown feet. The dolphins, Nereids, and Tritons who appeared to normalize the abduction have been called enablers, but let’s face it, only the bull was at fault there—and I am not that bull. My lawyer wanted to argue that since I’m not, I can’t be held accountable. That sounded right to me, actually, but Chiron put his hoof down. I am on a journey for sure…” 

(from: Zeus: The Apology, by Prudence Crowther, NYRB)