I’ m very sorry, but for someone like me who is not of English mother tongue, this poems seems to be of randomly arranged words and punctuations. And even trying an interlinear translation using google, it does not become any clearer. Maybe someone else could provide an interpretation.
I already have difficulties understand the title:
How, the Owl

Is “How” the name of an owl ? Why not “Larry, the owl”
Or was it supposed to read like
“How the owl …… (discovered that she was a butterfly)”

Awaiting some hints to solve this mystery.

Precipitate Flux

Who – would I listen to, be remade among today?

And where from a resistance?

We always know (somewhere in our bodies or bones) that ‘to begin’ was begun

long before what ‘begins.’

It is raining.

We say, “the rain has begun.”  How long ago?

We say, “I am here, now.”  For -?

Where are we?  How much?

We ask.

We are there.  Continuously outstripping a here.

When?  Why?

And how?  How?  How indeed.

So what is it – that we are seeing?

What is it we think we see?

How?  Why?  Why that and not other(s)?

Propensity.  Proprioception.  Perspective.

When?  Where?

Always already before or begun?

From which?

I’ve written before (again and again

when I take up the pen):

“I set out.”

From where?  Why?  When?  and whom?

Still how?  How?  How, indeed.

He looks in.

Into what?  And from where?

How indeed.

We set out.


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