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We were watching Woody Allens masterpiece “Whatever Works” today, but in fact it must have been already the 12th time that we followed this faboulus, deep-hearted and funny story of Boris Yelnikoff, Melody St. Ann Celestine, and their extraordinary friends and relatives. I can not imagine any other movie that one can watch again and again without getting bored.

Here are some of the very witty quotes by Woody Allens alter ego Boris Yelnikoff :

  • “A bigger part of your existence is luck than you’d like to admit. Christ, you know the odds of your father’s one sperm from the billions, finding the single egg that made you. Don’t think about it, you’ll have a panic attack.”
  • “That’s why I can’t say enough times, whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filch or provide, every temporary measure of grace, whatever works.”
  • “Job’s wife was my favorite character in the Bible, because she chose death rather than obsequious acceptance, like that masochist she married.”
  • ” It’s amazing, Melody. Thousands of years ago, ancient peoples, Egyptians, Romans, Mayans, were walking home, just like us,
    discussing where should they eat or making small talk. “Hey, we just bought a great house on the Nile with a yard, overlooking the Pharaoh’s new pyramid.” Or, “My physician says -“peacock tongues are bad for your heart.” Or, “I’m worried I can’t get my kid into a really good Aztec preschool.”     What the hell does it all mean now? Zilch.  But they thought it was important.”