Continuing from here, I’m now on page 272. Still, Shteyngart has not revealed why he is so obsessed with “Lake Success”, except for it harbouring a small town, Long-Island shopping center. It must have left an unforgetable impression on little Barry Cohens mind after visitting it withis dad. But still not a single hint about the role of “Lake Success” for the foundation of the State of Israel (the 1949 general assembly of the United Nations took place right there).

Meanwhile, on his further ride by Greyhound buses through Texas and Nevada, Barry Cohen has lost all his precious watches, including my favorite Glasshütte NOMOS.

This seemed to be the trigger for a whole series of further personal disasters, like the one a few pages further down:

Here I was really happy to have choosen the original English version of the novel. A German translation (which is not published yet) would not have given me enough distance to the story where a crack smoking main character get involved in a blow job with another addict behind a park scrub.

I think that Gary Shteyngart is indeed doing his best to become the righteous heir of the late Philip Roth.