When a while ago I took a return flight from Boston home to Munich, I found out that I had forgotten to send a picture postcard to my familie (what we always do when travelling abroad).

I could easily get a postcard on the airport, but no stamps. When I looked around for something that might resemble a stamp, I found a small picture with three pretty ladies, printed on the flyer for an adult magazine. Cutting it out and trimming it to the size of an ordinary stamp was an easy job. But nobody could me help with some glue or scotch tape to fix this fake stamp to my postcard. Finally, the girl from the news stand was quite helpful again and lended me an office stapler. With the help of this, I could fix the fake stamp well enough to the postcard and finally throw in in the mail-box at terminal 2.

The US Postal Service obviously was quite pleased, not least by my polite explanatory words, and so the postcard was delivered perfectly one week later to my parents postbox in Berlin.

I always planed to write some posts under a  special category, something like “How to manage emergency situations abroad”, about lighting a fire without matches, polishing your shoes without a brush, washing and drying your shirt without a washing machine, how to hack the electric plugs in different countries and so on. The postcard from Boston, MA. with the fake stamp is only the first chapter.