The rise of an alternative king

For as long as homeopathy has existed, the British royal family has been a supporter of homeopathy. The now king Charles III, when he was still Prince of Wales, not only promoted homeopathy, but also many other alternative medical procedures. What’s striking is that he only ever picks out the most bizarre and implausible, leaving aside those that are remotely evidence-based. This may be because he always prefers the mystical and anti-scientific. Even as a young man he was led on this path by Laurens van der Post, a South African esotericist and self-proclaimed guru.
This is all the more frightening as Charles III is also ignoring the memory of one of his predecessors of the same name in office. Charles II (King from 1660 untill 1685) was a great patron of science. Under his reign, for example, the Royal Society was founded in 1660 and is still one of the most important scholarly societies in the world today.
But 250 years later, his follower on the same throne Charles IIIbecame notorious in proudly claiming to be called an “enemy of the Enlightenment”. He probably wanted to express that he opposes rational thinking.